Screenings ‘Sunnyside’

Today ‘Sunnyside’ will start with a series of screenings in Belgium. Cinema’s in Kortrijk (Budascoop), Antwerp (Cinema Zuid) and Gent (Studio Skoop) will be screening the film this evening, and some also throughout this week. Later this month Brussels (Cinema Palace) and Leuven (Cinema Zed) will also screen the film. Check our screenings page to see all upcoming screenings of the film.

Rekto:Verso already published a wonderful review about the film: “This documentary is a meandering and meditative dovecote of perspectives; about purity and perfection, the horror of the emptiness and the appearance of structure, but ultimately also about the inevitability of the warmth of our fellow man.” Robin Kramer for Rekto:Verso, 10/04/2018

Knack Focus also praised  the film and Frederik’s approach: “His atmospheric collage of archival images, sound fragments and interviews flows into an intimate portrait thanks to the contemplative photography […].” – Knack Focus, 11/04/2018